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Database Storage

Interactive Forms

Do you have a web site, but feel that it isn't interactive enough to keep users coming back, and/or feeling that they can communicate with your business? One solution is to integrate "interactive forms" into the site, which resemble a paper form, which a visitor to the web site can fill out, submit, and is then emailed to the webmaster. Some examples of interactive forms are:

  • Customer feedback
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Product information
  • Surveys
  • Comments/complaints

These are just a few examples of the forms that can be designed for your business.

Data Storage

In today's ever increasing technological business atmosphere, businesses are finding that they rely more and more on information in the form of databases. This encompasses everything from inventory, operational, and personnel databases for internal operations, as well as mailing list, sales contact, and customer databases. Successful businesses look for new ways to use and exploit information, and understand the importance of solid, storage practices.

The following is just a few of the products that IND can provide to address your data storage needs.


Databases can be very versatile, and be adapted to just about any situation. Integrated NetDESIGN can custom design and deploy a database to meet your company's needs. Other services that we can provide are:

  • Custom database design in Microsoft Access, and MySQL.
  • Inventory database integration into a business' e-commerce system.
  • Internet interface with database using PHP or Perl allowing easy access to it.
  • Integration of database into your company's web site.
  • Education/training on effective use of databases.

and much more...