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E-Commerce Development


E-Commerce promises to revolutionize the way that business is done. Your competition is doing it, are you? Bring your business or web site to next level by integrating electronic commerce applications. (E-commerce) Integrating e-commerce into your website can allow your business to become an "online storefront" which can drastically reduce costs, reduce the need for staff, and allow expansion without the overhead. IND can help you accept online, secure payment for service and products by implementing:

  • Easy, user-friendly, payment interfaces.
  • Secure, real-time settlement, credit card and online check acceptance.
  • Secure connections that transmit transaction data directly to server without going over the internet.
  • Tight, seamless integration with any existing content.

E-Commerce, however, is hardly just for business' that sell to consumers (business-to-consumer), it is also a perfect solution for business' that sell products or services to other businesses. For business' that have a significant amount of billing, IND's internet check payment system, and online credit cards can save a business substantial costs, and improve efficiency. This also allows a business to direct less resources at administrative functions, and utilize them to improving the bottom line.

Shopping Cart Technology

Many business' offer information about their products or services through the use of "online forms" which a user fills out, and emails to the web site's management. However, by establishing your web site as an online store and offering your products online is one of the best things that a business can do to reap the benefits of e-commerce. By offering an "online store" your products will be available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

By using "shopping cart" technology, your products and/or services can be displayed in an online "catalog" that will allow the user to view the product, and learn more information about it before he/she makes the decision to purchase it. Once the decision is made to purchase it, the user simply selects all of the products that he/she wants to purchase, and goes to the "Checkout Counter" to setup payment.

Even if your business already has a web site, IND's staff can integrate shopping cart technology into the site, and tailor the "look and feel" of it, to match the rest of the site.

Internet Credit Card Acceptance

With the prominence of the acceptance of credit cards as payment over the internet, IND can implement "Online credit card acceptance" into your site.

  • Real-time settlement of funds.
  • Transactions processed through a large, long established bank in Memphis, TN.

Internet Check Acceptance

Since not all businesses can or want to pay the extra fees associated with credit cards, or maybe just want to offer the customer more choices (which is highly recommended), IND has developed its own software that allow businesses to accept internet checks. The format is simple for the user, and simply requires information that is on the user's existing paper checks.

  • IND's internet checking slashes costs, as it eliminates stamps, envelopes, paper, and the time of valuable staff.
  • The software is easily customizable, and can be as automatic, or as manually controlled as the customer likes.
  • Security is almost impenetrable to attacks, since the transaction data transmitted directly to the transaction server instead of over the internet.
  • Settlement of funds is much faster than traditional checks which allow the business to not "ship" the product until the funds are deposited into the business' account.
  • Allows a wider base of customers to purchase a business' products/services from their web site as not all consumers have credit cards.


Listservs are a type of database that is strictly internet-based. Marketing savvy companies use listservs to collect email addresses from users who visit their website, in order to direct-market their products and services to those users in a very efficient manner. The listserv collects information about each user in addition to their email address, and allows the webmaster to sort the information by whatever criteria they have had built into the listserv. An email message can then be sent to all the email addresses that are chosen, which is a perfect example of permission marketing, and utilizes the power of the internet as a marketing tool.

The listserv is a very powerful, cost-effective tool for businesses that are in highly competitive industries and need to direct-market to their customers, and is fully customizable to your business.

E-Business Consulting

Since e-commerce is so much more than simply receiving payment over the internet, IND can help your business realize the dramatic cost savings, and efficiency that can be achieved by implementing an effective e-commerce strategy. We also will help educate your staff on the benefits that can be realized using e-commerce. Some of the services that we offer are:

  • Network design/integration
  • On-site service and consultation
  • On and off-site training of staff
  • Consultation as to integrating e-commerce into a business' existing systems

and much more.