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Website Design

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Market your business with an e-commerce enabled website!

Many people form their first impression of your business by the quality of your website. While this may or may not be a fair judgment, why take a chance? The professionals at Integrated NetDESIGN have the expertise to make your website dynamic, eye-catching, and effective in order to draw customers to your business. Our team's expertise includes:

  • E-Commerce evaluation and integration utilizing Integrated NetDESIGN's own proprietary e-commerce software!
  • Content development using HTML, Flash etc.
  • Special effects using JavaScript. Database development and integration using PHP, Perl, ASP, and MySQL interactive forms.
  • Listserv technology in order to allow your business to direct market effectively.
  • Learning the latest, cutting-edge technology and implementing it for our customers to give them the competitive edge.
  • Reliable web site hosting with an uptime history of 99.98%, ensuring that your site is there when your customers are.

Let Us Work For You!

If you don't understand all of this, that's OK. Part of our service to our clients includes on-going education as to utilizing the internet as a marketing and business tool. We also help our clients determine what the goals for their website are, and how to reach them. And this is not simply at the beginning of the project. Integrated NetDESIGN's staff makes themselves available to clients throughout the business relationship.

Already Have A Web Site?

No problem. Many of our clients have already taken the initiative and established a web site for their business, but may feel that they would like to overhaul it, in order to keep their competitive edge, and to exploit the latest technologies. We can also help you get the most out of your web site by helping you integrate software that monitors user traffic, tracks users origins, user activity, browser type etc. all of which can be used to more effectively market your site.